I've been meaning to add a certain special link to my page to help out my greatest gal pal, Ashley. Well, since I am a procrastinator and have taken so long to do it I figured I would just go ahead and write a whole post about it. Nothing fancy, cause I'm not a fancy kinda girl. Just to let you know that it is one of the coolest, easiest to read, down to earth personal websites I keep up with. She has a great section dedicated to Freebies. Now who doesn't love free stuff?? I know I do, and I check it daily because she updates it very often. And its good stuff too, nothing cheesy. Such as free shirts, samples, granola, and first aid kits...just to name a few. There is also a place to find great work at home sites. I think we all would work from home if we could. She has personal writings and HTML tutorials and LOLcatz (because that woman is crazy for those cats!) Its chalked full of information to fill your mind with so why don't you stroll on over to A Peculiar Pea and check it out. Tell her Melissa sent you. No, you wont get a discount but I'm sure it will be much appreciated!

Have a wonderful night everybody!

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Apple said...

Awwwwww! Thanks girly! You are the best! I love you lots and tons and am sooooo ready to see you!