It's THURSDAY, which means this week is almost over! WooHoo! This has been one sleepless, stressful week for our family. We are currently trying to get Jade to sleep through the night without the need to nurse quite so often. This means lots of Baby-Daddy rocking sessions through out the night. But hey, less nursing for me! :) Poor Daddy! I have faith it will be for the best in the end. I do believe our nursing days are numbered. I am trying to be patient and go slow though, I know this will be tough on Jade as it is almost his favorite thing to do.

Also, new in my world, I found out today we will be getting DSL in my area within two weeks! I know for most of the population this is nothing to get excited about, but to me it is. Up until now, my only options were Dial-Up or Satellite! Do you know how expensive satellite internet is? Try $70 a month, at least. No way, Hose! On two incomes I might pay that, but on one not going to happen. So, soon I will be able to do everything a lot faster. And I will be able to watch YouTube! I feel an addiction coming on. Good thing I have great self control, sometimes. (Ha!)

My website of the day recommendation is 5MinutesforBooks.com. This is a great blog which I read quite frequently. Weekly, they review a choice book and then offer it in their giveaways. Each week they give out copies of books they choose, sometimes two or three at a time. And they are always good books. So, if you are a book lover, check out this blog. There just might be something in it for you.

Right now, I'm going to check on Jade to see how his first ever nap in a crib is going. Maybe soon I will get my bed back! Oh, it is bittersweet when a child grows up.

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