For those of you who are concerned you already know that I will soon be making a trip to South Carolina. And well those who don't, now you know! In just one short little itty bitty month Jade and I will be taking our first trip solo sans airways. I'm a little nervous seeing as this is the first time in my 25 years my whole body will be completely detached from the earth. I'm not sure I'm gonna like the feeling of that. I mean, I'm a little involved with the idea of keep my feet firmly planted on the ground. Ah well, it will save me a bunch of money and tons a time and not to mention I wont have to drive for 12 hours with a baby. There are so many restrictions to things you can and cannot take in the sky. I had no idea. You can take a pair of really sharp scissors but you cant take a knife. You can take a lighter and hairspray but it has to be 3 oz. or smaller. You cant take a bow and arrow or a sword. That one really disappointed me. I was really planning on doing some hunting while in SC. :) So I guess this will be a new experience for me to add to the books. That's a good thing though, I need something new right now. Ive become too stuck in my ways, too comfortable with my surroundings. I'm a Gemi for pete's sake, I need some damn excitement. Maybe that's why Ive been so stressed out lately. I just know it is going to be super great to get to see my Mom. Ive become a little resentful towards people because of it. I just think it sucks that my Mom doesn't get to see her only grandchild grow up. She's cheated out of so many of his first because I'm stuck in this hell hole. Its just not fair, but what is.

On a lighter note, Ive been wanting to tell you about this awesome camping trip me and the fam took last weekend. Well, it was just part of the fam, Alexia was with her Mother. But we had a really fun weekend camping at Sam A. Baker. It was really beautiful splashing around in the river and walking along the trails. Jade had a ball throwing rocks and showing me the pretty ones. I cant wait to take Alexia with us next time, I know she will love it. Especially the river part. And our new tent worked out wonderfully. Its the perfect size for all four of us without the hassle our last one gave us. Word of the Wise: a porch on a tent is not worth the trouble to put it up. Just get some bug repellent. But make sure its DEET-free! You don't want to give your kids cancer do you?

Ok, I'm going to enjoy the next 10 minutes of Jade's nap to myself. Please everyone enjoy your afternoon...its a hot one! Drink lots of H2O!

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A Peculiar Pea said...

I'm living vicariously through your camping trip right now! Love it.