Today I've been walking all over the web just seeing what I can see. As most of you who know me personally know that I love to talk health, organic, parenting and lifestyle changes. Well I've found some really neat sites that do just that. I added a couple to my Blog List on the right of my page so please by all means, check them out! I will be adding more tomorrow. Now finally I have something to back up my "crazy ideas" so that all of you that think I'm full of crap can see: No, I am not! I sometimes think that most people believe I am just blowing out hot air when I discuss things like BPA in baby bottles and plastics or why sugar is in almost everything commercially produced and why it is bad for you. So, if you think I'm full of it then read for yourself. These blogs that I've found have some very valuable information and they have done the research to back it up.

So grab you a glass of something cold and take a few moments to read something good for you!

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