These past few days have been a whirlwind of obstacles as usual. I'm left out of breath, out of patience, wondering what the crap just happened. I'm an easy going person, not used to so much going on at one time. I guess I better get used to it. This is my life now.

Last weekend we had a two day yard sale. It was slow business being Fourth of July and all. We were trying to raise money to go on a trip next weekend that we ended up deciding not to go on. Instead, we blew the money as fast as we made it. WE are good at that! But it was the 4th and there was a carnival in town. The kids enjoyed it a ton anyways, so what the heck...its only paper, right? And I did get to ride my first carnival ride in over 5 years. I was more afraid than Alexia. I was hanging on to that girl for dear life. It will be a while before I do that again!

On Sunday, we took it easy and watched the kids play in the yard all day. Then we went out for a movie and pizza! We had a blast! I highly recommend going to see Wall-E if you haven't already. I do believe that is the best kids movie I have ever seen. It really makes you stop and think what are we leaving for our kids. But I don't want to say too much and give it away, I'm bad about that. Just go see it!

Yesterday I had the car so that Jade and I could go run errands. We went to Poplar Bluff unfortunately. Man, I dread going to that stupid town. It seems most people's IQ drops at least 40% when they hit city limits or get behind the wheel of a car for that matter. For instance, this one dude that I encountered must have thought the road was built just for him. But I let him know otherwise. So, it started in the Wal-Mart parking lot (which I was already peeved because I despise that place.) There is a 3-way STOP and I'm pulling up to it, the only car at a stop sign. As I begin to turn left I quickly catch a glimpse of a white vehicle speeding from behind me and passing me at the STOP sign! I was instantly enraged! I thought well maybe he has an emergency. So I caught up with him and he is bouncing his head around like a chicken watching everything but the road. So I gave him the finger to let him know he had wronged me and I wasn't happy about it. I was afraid he didn't see me so I go to get in the lane beside him and he cuts me off! I was beyond any relevance. So I pulled back over into my original lane and then, hallelujah we get caught at a red light! I rolled down my window and laid on my horn. I gave him all I had. I called him every name in the book and a few I made up. And do you know what he said to me?!? "So what, get over it lady!" Get over it? Get over it? I feel like I'm the only sane driver left around here and he is telling me to get over it? He endangered my child and he is telling me to get over it? I started to come out of my car at that point, but the light turned green and he drove away. What kind of arrogant B*ST*RD has the nerve to tell a mother to get over it? I don't know, maybe I should have gotten over it. But every single time I go to PB I get cut off, pulled in front of, almost sideswiped, or worse. I'm sick of it! It should be a requirement to take a driving test every time you go to the DMV, for anything! It amazes me there aren't more wrecks in that town. Oh well, I said my piece and am done with it. That dude just better hope I never see him again. And again Jade, I am sorry you had to see that side of Mama. I will try to better behave in the future!

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A Peculiar Pea said...

I hate bad drivers! I can't stand people who think nothing bad will come of their actions. I guess I'm a little jealous because all I can see anymore is consequences, but I'd like to see people take more responsibility for their choices and decisions! Great post, I love it.